Bring new life to your concluded Eviction Case with the opportunity to reopen and seek a favorable outcome. Whether it's because of new evidence, a previous mistake or a desire to appeal, reopening a closed eviction gives you the chance to have your case heard again and secure a just resolution.

Here are the steps to follow to successfully reopen a closed eviction:

Note: Skip Steps 1-5 and proceed directly to Step 5 if Case ID or Client Name is known.

Step 1: Click the "Reports" Widget on the left-most side of your Dashboard.

Step 2: Use the Filters under Eviction Report to See the Closed Evictions Only, then hit the "Search" button to display the Closed Evictions.

Remove the Date Filter to display all closed evictions from the beginning.

Step 3: You may click the "Closed Date" column header to sort the date from earliest to latest or vice versa.

By utilizing the Eviction Report Page, one can have a concise view of the finalized cases, thereby facilitating the ability to revisit the details of a case that may require reopening.

Step 4: Copy the Case ID of the closed case you want to reopen.

Step 5: Locate the desired Case ID in the search box and select the corresponding case that appears to match.

You can also enter the client's name on the search box to go to the Eviction Details Page.

Step 6: Click the "Reopen Case" button on the upper right corner of the Eviction Details Page.

Step 7: Select the step to update.

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