EasyEviction offers a comprehensive solution for processing intake evictions. From reviewing case information to negotiating with tenants, preparing legal documents, appearing in court, and executing the eviction order. 

The platform aims to make the process of handling evictions more efficient and convenient.

Below are the steps on how to process Intake Evictions.

Step 1: Click the "Eviction Inbox" on the left portion of your Dashboard.

The Eviction Inbox has three different columns. The first column is the inbox of eviction cases submitted by the client. Clicking a specific case will show its details in the third column. In the middle is where you can edit the necessary information to process the eviction.

Step 2: Select the case you want to process.

Step 3: Input all required information and Review other details.


Select the workflow for the Eviction Process. Click the dropdown button to choose different kinds of workflows.


This section prevents the process of duplicate Eviction Cases.


Click the documents to review them before processing the Eviction Case.


Click the dropdown button to select a document to generate. Documents that can be generated are different kinds of forms, specific eviction forms, writs, court documents, summons, and a notice of voluntary dismissal.

The notes feature allows the client to keep track of important information and details related to his or her case.

Step 4: Click the "Process" button when done.

You may use the "Reject" button when the information submitted by the client is incomplete or inaccurate, the time limit for filing for the eviction case has passed, or there is a legal issue or ethical concern. Otherwise, click the "Process" button to process the Eviction Case.

Step 5: Processed Eviction Case.

Once the Eviction Case has been processed, you will receive an email notification.
The case will be moved from the Eviction Inbox to Open Evictions. An email will be sent to you notifying that

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