Customize your experience and tailor EasyEviction to your specific preferences. User Preferences under Settings can include options for modifying your personal details, email address, and password.

Below are easy steps on how to navigate the User Preferences.

Step 1: At the upper right corner of your EasyEviction Dashboard, click the name of the Company and click "User Preferences".

Step 2: Edit your profile details.

Your current personal details and email address will appear on the Profile Page.

Personal Details:

Change the preferred first name, last name, and time zone. Then click the "Update" button to save the changes.

Email Address:

After changing it to the preferred email address, click the "Change" button.
Note: After clicking the "Update" button, you will be logged out of EasyEviction.

Change Password:

The password must be at least 8 characters, contain one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and a number. Both new passwords must be identical. Click the "Change Password" button to apply the changes.
Note: After clicking the "Change password" button, you will be logged out of EasyEviction.

Bar Licenses:

Set up your document templates to automatically fill in the bar license numbers that correspond to the state where the case is filed. This will make it easier to prepare legal documents for cases filed in different states.

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