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Navigating the Eviction page
Navigating the Eviction page

How a client manages the Eviction Page

Written by Franzi Kinawag
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The Client Portal's Eviction page is designed to make managing your eviction cases easy and efficient. With this powerful tool, you can quickly and easily:

  • Keep track of all your active eviction cases in one convenient location;

  • View detailed information about each case, including lease agreements, notice to vacate, and court paperwork;

  • Take action on cases, such as filing paperwork, and scheduling court dates;

  • Narrow down your case list using filters and search, so you can quickly find the case you need;

  • Stay informed with real-time notifications on important case developments; and

  • Track your performance with a powerful workflow and timeline on the Eviction Page.

With the EasyEviction Client Portal's Eviction page, you can streamline your eviction process and focus on what matters most: protecting your property and your bottom line.

Start navigating by clicking the Evictions widget on the left side of your EasyEviction Dashboard.

Select a case on the Open Evictions Page to see its details


The Workflow section is located on top of the Eviction Details Page. The black box indicates a finished step. The red box indicates the current step of your Eviction process.

2. Court Details, Case Details, Claims, Lease Terms & Notice, and Billing Section

The details here are automatically updated when information or details are entered in the Action Center.


This is where you can update the status of the Eviction, Send Message, and Upload File. Information entered here will automatically reflect on the Eviction Details Page.

Update Status:

Choose between Increase Tenant Balance and Partial Payment Made. You may also add a comment. Then, click the "Save Update" button when done.

Send Message:

Communicate with your Attorney by sending a message here.

Upload File:

Attach files necessary for the Eviction process. You must fill out all the required information in order to Save the files in the system.


The Timeline is in order from the newest to the oldest. It shows which step has been completed and the next step of the Eviction process.

You can also filter what shows in the timeline by clicking the Filter Tabs (Files, Billable Items, Messages, Notes, Updates, and Steps Completed).

Files which were uploaded are also visible in the timeline and can be downloaded at any time by clicking the download button.

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