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Submitting a new eviction to your Attorney
Submitting a new eviction to your Attorney

Make the eviction process efficient thru the Public Intake Form

Written by Franzi Kinawag
Updated over a week ago

EasyEviction's state-of-the-art system allows you to fill out a public intake form with all the necessary information about the tenant, the property, and the reason for the eviction. Once you have completed the form, you can submit it to your Attorney for review and further action. EasyEviction's goal is to streamline the eviction process and make it as easy as possible for you to get the results you need.

Here's how to submit a New Eviction:

Step 1: Click the Evictions Widget on the left side of your Dashboard or Click the "Create a New..." button and choose Eviction.

Step 2: Tenant & Property Details Form

Fill out the Tenant & Property Details Form.


This section defaults to your Company's name. It is customizable and keeps historical values.


You may add more than one tenant, and make sure to input all the required details.

Tick the box if the tenant is NOT an active military member.

Select the reason for the Eviction by clicking the dropdown button.

Property Address & Details:

Input the Complete Street Address and will autofill the City, State, and Zip Code. Indicate the Property Name if evicting a multi-tenant building.

Click the "Next" button after filling out all the details under the Plaintiff, Tenants, and Property Address & Details section.

Step 3: Claims & Lease Terms

Fill out the customizable Claims & Lease Terms Form. Note that these fields may vary from one lawyer to another. Click the "Next" button when done.

Step 3: Documentation

There must be file/s uploaded in the Lease Agreement and Ledger to continue. After uploading the required and/or optional files, click the "Send" button to submit the New Eviction to your Attorney.

Note: The public intake form is completely customizable and may differ in which fields are optional or required.

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