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Adding a coworker to the platform [Attorney/Client Portal]
Adding a coworker to the platform [Attorney/Client Portal]

Add coworkers in your EasyEviction platform

Written by Franzi Kinawag
Updated over a week ago

Managing eviction cases can be a team effort, and that's why EasyEviction made it easy for you to add coworkers to your platform. With this feature, you can invite other attorneys, staff members, or even landlords to join your team and collaborate on cases together. Adding a coworker to the platform allows you to share cases, communicate effectively, and streamline the eviction process.

Note: To get started adding more users to your account, you must be an admin user and your subscription must have extra licenses to cover any new users you plan to add. To update your subscription to include more users, please review the documentation on adjusting your subscription.

Here's a quick guide on how to get started:

Step 1: Go to Admin Settings

Click the "Admin Settings" button located at the left side of your dashboard as a gear icon or by clicking your name at the top of your screen and selecting the "Admin Settings"

Step 2: Invite User

Go to the Manage Users page then click the "Invite User" button to add more users.

Step 3: Invite User Form

Complete the required details on the Invite User Form.

Entering the First name of the user will automatically pre-fill the subject and message of the Email Invitation. The message of the Email Invitation can be customized to your liking.

Press the drop-down button to select the Role of the Invited User.

You may also assign the Invited User as an Administrator.

Step 4: Send the Invitation
Once satisfied with the message, click the "Invite" button.

For accessibility, please instruct the Invited User to click on the "Activate Account" button upon opening the EasyEviction Email Invitation.

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