Get familiar with the Active Eviction page on the Attorney Portal. Learn how to navigate the Active Eviction page and find everything you need to manage your evictions with ease.

Open Evictions Page

To start navigating the Open Evictions Page, click the suitcase icon or the "Evictions" widget on your leftmost screen and you will be directed to the Open Evictions page where you can see the list of current Evictions and a preview of their corresponding details.

Click a Case ID or the Plaintiff's Name to open its Eviction Details.

Eviction Details:

1. Workflow

On top is the Workflow of the Eviction Process. The black box indicates a finished step. The red box indicates the current step of your Eviction process.

2. Case Details and Claims

On the left pane are the Case Details and Claims. You can edit these sections by clicking the edit button or the pencil icon.

2. Action Center

Information entered or edited in this area will automatically reflect on the Eviction Details page.

2.a. Update Status

Here you can update the status of the eviction by filling out the required details and other information by clicking the "case options" button. Under the Case Options, you can change the court date, record payment, update docket number, update docket result, and close the case. When done, click the "complete step" button to apply the changes.

2.b. Send a message

Communicate with your client by sending a message here.

2.c. Save Note

The notes are only visible to users within your organization. After making the notes, click the "save" button.

2.d. Add Billable Item
Enter the billable items in your eviction, and they can be later on selected to be included in the invoices.

2.e. Upload File

You may upload the necessary attachments or documents needed for the Eviction Process.

2.f. Generate Document

Click the dropdown button to select the document you need to generate. You may click the preview button to check the document before generating it.

3. Timeline

The Timeline is in order from the newest to the oldest. It shows which step has been completed and the next step of the Eviction process.

You can also filter what shows in the timeline by clicking the Filter Tabs (Files, Billable Items, Messages, Notes, Updates, and Steps Completed).

Files which were uploaded are also visible in the timeline and can be downloaded at any time by clicking the download button.

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