Attorney: Saving a New Eviction

Submit a New Eviction on your Client's behalf

Written by Franzi Kinawag
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Some clients may not be ready to start submitting their evictions through EasyEviction – and that’s OK. Because attorneys can still submit them on their client's behalf.

Here's how to save a New Eviction.

Step 1: Click the "Create Eviction" widget on your EasyEviction Dashboard

Step 2: Select the Client and Choose the Workflow

Choose the client for eviction from the list. You may select a standard workflow or edit and customize the workflow.

Step 3: Fill out the Tenants and Property Details Form

You may add more than one Tenant.

Make sure to tick the box when the tenant is NOT an active military member. See more.

Click the arrow down button to select the reason for the eviction.

Typing a complete street address will automatically fill out the other details except for Unit Type and Unit #.

If evicting from a multi-tenant building, then provide the apartment building name under the Property Name.
Make sure to fill out the required details before clicking the Next button.

Step 4: Fill out the Claims & Lease Terms Form

This field can be customized because claims vary from one lawyer to another.

Step 5: Upload the necessary documents.

You may download the affidavit/declaration form or if you have one then upload such a document. These documents will make the eviction process more efficient.

You may write in the Note box about any important details.

Click save when done.

Step 6: Check the Eviction Details

Here, you can see all the details of the client to be evicted. You may edit the information by clicking the edit button.

This can be an invaluable tool in managing caseloads and ensuring that evictions are handled in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, the form can be customized to fit the specific needs of the attorney and client. With this approach, you can provide the best possible service to your client and have a streamlined process for saving a new eviction.

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