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Recording Invoice Payments
Recording Invoice Payments

What to do when you receive a check or cash payment

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You can conveniently record any type of payment, whether individually or in bulk, by simply clicking the Record Payment button.

Select the Invoice/s then click the Record Payment button.

The Payment Type options include Bank Transfer, Cash, Check, or Credit Card, available for both individual and bulk transactions. Click Save to record the payment.

Once processed, the paid Invoice/s will be removed from the list of Invoices. To check the paid Invoice/s, then go to Invoice Report under Reports.

Payment History

The payment details are now visible under the Payment History section. The payment will also be credited toward the amount due and the invoice status will change from Unpaid to Paid.

In case you made a mistake. Click the Trash Bin Icon to reverse the payment. Then enter a reason for the reversal.

In addition, your client will receive an email regarding any invoice payments:

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