Attorneys can now integrate their EasyEviction accounts with LawPay. This integration automatically generates LawPay invoices when EasyEviction invoices are created and provides a way for clients to pay online using credit cards or electronic checks.

As a prerequisite, you must have an attorney EasyEviction account with an active Professional or Enterprise license. Only admin users can set up the integration.

To get started, log in as an admin user and navigate to the Admin Settings page and select the LawPay link under plugins or go directly there by following this link.

You are now able to either Connect or Create a new account. Creating an account will take you to the LawPay registration--after which you will need to return back to this page.

With your preexisting or new account, you are now able to integration with EasyEviction. Clicking the "Connect" button will take you to the LawPay login page.

Log in using your existing or new LawPay account credentials. Once logged in, you may be taken to another LawPay-hosted page letting you know that you're setting up a connection between LawPay and EasyEviction. Accept if you wish to proceed.

Assuming you logged in and accepted the integration, you should now be redirected back to the EasyEviction LawPay plugin page where it should read that you've successfully integrated with LawPay.

The page will then automatically redirect back to the original LawPay plugin page which should now show a button to disconnect and a status message indicating you're now "Connected" to LawPay.

That's it! Your EasyEviction account is connected to LawPay.

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