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DOCX Document Template Tutorial
DOCX Document Template Tutorial

Setting up and generating DOCX documents

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EasyEviction can fill out custom document templates with fields from your evictions. This example will show you how to customize your DOCX template and get it ready for automation.

Step 1: Go to "Admin Settings"

On your EasyEviction Dashboard, you can find the Admin Settings in two different locations:

a. Click the Company Name and a shortcut menu will appear, then click on Admin Settings; or

b. In the widgets pane, click the Gear Icon.

If you cannot find the Admin Settings option you may be logged in as a non-admin user or the non-attorney portal. At this time you must be an admin attorney user to access the Admin Settings.

Step 2: Click on "Document Templates"

After clicking the Admin Settings, select Document Templates.

Step 3: Select a Template to Customize or Download

Click the chosen Template from the list.

Modify the template, then click the Save button.
Click the Download Template button if you wish to download the Template.

A download notification will appear after clicking the Download Template button.

Step 4: Generate your Document

Navigate to an eviction you wish to use to populate your template. In the Action Center click the Generate Document tab.
Select the modified template, then click the Generate button.

Once the document has been generated, you will promptly receive a "Form request sent" notification at the bottom of the page.
A new entry in your timeline will indicate that the document is currently being generated. Subsequently, four distinct options will be presented: download, preview, visibility, and delete.


Clicking the Download button will download the recently filled-out document template onto your computer.

You should now be all set.

Feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues!

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