So you've completed the registration process and confirmed your account. Congratulations! Now you can get started.

You now need to add your first client. There are multiple ways of pulling up the "New Client" form:

  1. Quick Actions: Press the lightning bolt button in the top right of every page. Just press that button and select "Add Client."

  2. Client List: Click the Clients button in the navigation bar and then press the big plus button in the bottom right.

  3. File New Eviction: Clients are needed to file an eviction so the client selection section of the new filing screen will have a button to add your first client.

Once you click to add a client you'll be presented with the "Add Client" form.

Once you've added your client you can then navigate to that client's details by clicking "Clients" in the left menu bar and selecting the newly created client from the list.

The Working with Clients section digs deeper into the subject of managing clients in Easy Eviction.

Note: the "Main Email" field will only be used for scheduled emails. Otherwise, your client will NOT receive any messages until you add a user to their account--and that user activates their account.

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